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Prof M. P. Poonia

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Harlal Singh Mali

Professor Alumni of PEC and PU Chandigarh, Dr Harlal Singh M... View Profile

Prof Himanshu Chaudhary

Professor Multibody Dynamics, Dynamic Balancing and Optimiza... View Profile

Prof G. D. Agarwal

Professor Solar thermal systems and energy aspects, Refriger... View Profile

Prof M L Mittal

Professor Operations Management, Project Management and Sche... View Profile

Prof Dilip Sharma

Professor Internal Combustion Engines, Alternate Fuels and E... View Profile

Dr M. L. Meena

Associate Professor Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics, Productivity E... View Profile

Dr Nirupam Rohatgi

Associate Professor CFD of Natural Convection Flows, Transient Analysi... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Agrawal

Associate Professor Application of soft computing/Metaheuristics/Compu... View Profile

Dr Jinesh Kumar Jain

Associate Professor Industrial Automation, Non Traditional Machining, ... View Profile

Dr T. C. Gupta

Associate Professor Non-linear Rotor Dynamics, Human Body Vibrations... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Kumar

Associate Professor Computational method for linear/non-linear problem... View Profile

Dr Ram Dayal

Associate Professor Additive Manufacturing, Computational Fluid Dynami... View Profile

Dr Amit Pancharya

Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile


Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Expertise in FEM, Stress Analysis, Fracture Mechan... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Rathore

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Fibre reinforced composites, Mechanical Properties... View Profile

Dr Manjinder SINGH

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Microfluidics... View Profile

Dr Mukesh Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Composite Materials, Tribology, Coatings, Project ... View Profile

Dr Amit Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Delivering to Society & Industry through Research.... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor Advance Manufacturing Technology, Hybrid Machining... View Profile

Dr Tapas Bajpai

Assistant Professor Finite Element Analysis, Computational Welding Mec... View Profile

Dr Naresh Kumar Raghuwanshi

Assistant Professor Stress and Vibration Analysis, Fault Diagnosis, Ex... View Profile

Dr Nikhil Sharma

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Laser Diagnost... View Profile

Dr Mukesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Composite Materials / Nano-composite Materials, Ce... View Profile

Dr Manish Kumar

Assistant Professor CFD, Immersed Boundary Method, High Performance Co... View Profile

Dr Amit Arora

Assistant Professor Experimental Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dy... View Profile

Dr Gunjan Soni

Assistant Professor Predictive maintenance, Supply Chain Management, A... View Profile

Prof Rakesh Jain

Professor (HAG) Research interest Supply chain management, lean ma... View Profile

Prof Ajay Pal Singh Rathore

Professor (HAG) Supply chain management, Operations Research, Prod... View Profile