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Prof Ghanshyam Singh

Professor Optical Communication Engineering: All Optical Swi... View Profile

Prof K. K. Sharma

Professor Signal and image processing, Fractional transforms... View Profile

Prof Lava Bhargava

Professor Low power VLSI systems, FPGAs, Embedded Systems an... View Profile

Prof M. M. Sharma

Professor Satellite and Wireless Communication, Microstrip a... View Profile

Prof Mohammad Salim

Professor Error Control Codes, Wireless Communications, Imag... View Profile

Prof Rajendra Prasad Yadav

Professor Error Control Codes and MIMO-OFDM, RF and Antenna ... View Profile

Prof Vishwanath Sinha

Professor Engineering Education, Mobile Communication, Satel... View Profile

Prof D. Boolchandani

Professor Surrogate models for Analog and Digital subsystems... View Profile

Prof Vijay Janyani

Professor Communication engineering, Optical Communication, ... View Profile

Dr Ritu Sharma

Associate Professor Communication Engineering and Optics, Fabrication ... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Agrawal

Associate Professor Microprocessor Based Systems, Distributed Database... View Profile

Dr Tarun Varma

Associate Professor Signal rocessing, Computer Networks, Nano-electron... View Profile

Dr Menka Yadav

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Device Characterization, MEMS and Sensor Networks,... View Profile

Dr Sarthak Singhal

Assistant Professor RF and Microwave Engineering: RF and Microwave dev... View Profile

Dr Ravi Kumar Maddila

Assistant Professor Optical Communication, Photonic devices, Optical W... View Profile

Dr Amit Mahesh Joshi

Assistant Professor FPGAs, Image Processing, Information Security, Int... View Profile

Dr C. Periasamy

Assistant Professor MEMS and Nanoelectronic Devices... View Profile

Dr Chitrakant Sahu

Assistant Professor Analog VLSI, Optoelectronics, Nanostructured thin ... View Profile

Dr Deepak Bharti

Assistant Professor Microelectronic Device Fabrication, Organic and Fl... View Profile

Dr Kuldeep Singh

Assistant Professor Machine/Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial... View Profile

Dr Rahul Kumar Chaurasiya

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Brain-Compu... View Profile

Dr Rajendra Mitharwal

Assistant Professor Computational Electromagnetics... View Profile

Dr Satyasai Jagannath Nanda

Assistant Professor Digital Signal Processing, Adaptive Signal Process... View Profile


Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Multirate Signal Processing, Mu... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Saha

Assistant Professor Rajesh Saha has received B.E. with honours in Elec... View Profile


Assistant Professor Dr. Bharat Choudhary has received his Ph.D degree ... View Profile