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Prof Vijay Laxmi

Professor Information Security, Machine Vision, Embedded Sys... View Profile

Prof Mahesh Chandra Govil

Professor Real Time Systems, Parallel and Distributed System... View Profile

Prof Manoj Singh Gaur

Professor Network Security, Embedded Systems, Information Se... View Profile

Dr Girdhari Singh

Associate Professor Software Engg, Intelligent Systems... View Profile

Dr Meenakshi Tripathi

Associate Professor Secure Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks, Wirele... View Profile

Dr Mushtaq Ahmed

Associate Professor Network on Chip , Computer Networks, Embedded Syst... View Profile

Dr Namita Mittal

Associate Professor Information Retrieval, Data Mining, DBMS, Natural ... View Profile

Dr Neeta Nain

Associate Professor Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Gr... View Profile

Dr Yogesh Kumar Meena

Associate Professor Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval... View Profile

Dr Pilli Emmanuel Shubhakar

Associate Professor Security, Privacy and Forensics, Cloud Computing, ... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Gopalani

Associate Professor Programming Languages and Compiler... View Profile

Dr Smita Naval

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Information Security, Malware Analysis, Pattern Re... View Profile

Dr Arka Prokash Mazumdar

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wirel... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Kumar Tyagi

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Bio and Nature Inspired Algorit... View Profile

Dr Jyoti Grover

Assistant Professor Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, Vehicular Networks, Inte... View Profile

Dr Mahipal Jadeja

Assistant Professor Theoretical Computer Science, Graph Theory, Algori... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Babu Battula

Assistant Professor 5G and Beyond, Blockchain, Security for smart city... View Profile

Dr Satyendra Singh Chouhan

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence , Web services, Intelligen... View Profile

Prof K K Sharma

Assistant Professor Interest in signal and image processing,biomedical... View Profile

Dr Ashish Kumar Tripathi

Assistant Professor ... View Profile