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Prof Mahender Choudhary

Professor Water Resource Engineering, Artificial Groundwater... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Mathur

Professor Environmentally Sustainable Buildings, Energy effi... View Profile

Prof Ajay Singh Jethoo

Professor Water Resource Engineering... View Profile

Prof Akhilendra Bhushan Gupta

Professor Environmental Engg, Environment and Health, Biolog... View Profile

Prof Ashok Kumar Vyas

Professor Building Technology, Use of waste in construction ... View Profile

Prof Gunwant Sharma

Professor Water Resource Engineering, Remote Sensing ... View Profile

Prof M. K. Shrimali

Professor Research Interest Includes Earthquake Resistance D... View Profile

Prof R. C. Gupta

Professor Concrete Technology... View Profile

Prof Ravindra Nagar

Professor Artificial Intelligence, Tall Buildings, Building ... View Profile

Prof Rohit Goyal

Professor Water Resource Engineering, Remote Sensing , GIS, ... View Profile

Prof Sudhir Kumar

Professor Environmental Engg, Wastewater Treatment, SUSTAINA... View Profile

Prof Suresh Kumar Tiwari

Professor Ground Improvement Technologies, Soil Reinforcemen... View Profile

Prof Urmila Brighu

Professor Environmental Engg, Water and Wastewater Treatment... View Profile

Prof Y. P. Mathur

Professor Water Resource Engineering, Environmental Engg, Op... View Profile

Prof Mahesh Kumar Jat

Professor Water Resource Engineering, Geospatial Analysis Te... View Profile

Prof Gunwant Sharma

Professor Water Resources and Remote Sensing Applications an... View Profile

Dr Arun Gaur

Associate Professor Tansportation Engineering, Rural Roads (Low Cost M... View Profile

Dr Jinendra Kumar Jain

Associate Professor Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning... View Profile

Dr Nivedita Kaul

Associate Professor Environmental Engg... View Profile

Dr Pawan Kalla

Associate Professor Material Investigations (Road Material), Rural Roa... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Gupta

Associate Professor Computer Aided Design, Concrete Technology, Struct... View Profile

Dr Sumit Khandelwal

Associate Professor Remote Sensing , GIS, Building Technology... View Profile

Dr Vinay Agrawal

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Structural analysis and d... View Profile

Dr Rameshwar Vishwakarma

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) -... View Profile

Dr Dhiraj Raj

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Performance-Based Seismic Design, Seismic Vulnerab... View Profile

Dr Sanyam Dangayach

Assistant Professor Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Sed... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar

Assistant Professor Biological Waste Treatment, Environmental Engg, En... View Profile

Dr Neha Shrivastava

Assistant Professor Geotechnology Engineering, Ground Improvement Tech... View Profile

Dr P V Ramana

Assistant Professor Novel Separation Techniques, Nonlianer Mathematica... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Shrivastava

Assistant Professor Sustainable matrerials, Sustainable construction, ... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar

Assistant Professor Solid waste management, Material flow analysis and... View Profile